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  • A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    From $45

    And so they say, “simplicity is beauty.” Indeed, there is grace, charm, and magic in the s...

  • Single  Red Rose in Presentation Box

    Single Red Rose in Presentation Box

    From $55

    The timeless beauty of a single red rose never fails to touch someone’s heart. That is why...

  • Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    From $65

  • 6 Red Roses Bunch

    6 Red Roses Bunch

    From $75

  • 6 Red Roses Arrangement

    6 Red Roses Arrangement

    From $85

    Please note that the box shown is for display purposes only. If you order a box/arrangemen...

  • 6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    From $110

  • 12 Red Roses Bunch

    12 Red Roses Bunch

    From $125

  • 12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    From $155



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Lily’s Florist Mildura is famous for its stunning, creative floral designs that stay looking great for longer. We have done our best to ensure that purchasing flowers at Lily’s Florist Mildura is an experience you will enjoy and feel good about long after that special occasion or event is over. We have been working hard over 20 years to earn a reputation for exceptional quality, variety as well as creativity in all of our flower designs.

We provide flower arrangements and bouquets for r special occasions such as weddings, new baby, get well, mother’s day, Valentine ’s Day, as well as other celebration flowers.
We believe that you will not miss something you love from our wide selection of beautiful flowers.

Located in North Wets Victoria, Mildura city occupies almost 10% of the state. Its landscape includes vibrant towns, intensive horticultural farms, broadacre grain properties, and unique Mallee vegetation. The breathtaking Murray River winds its way through most of the municipality and serves as a prime point for over 50,000 locals as well as visitors.

Mildura is popular for its welcoming locals, rich earth and big skies. Experience the respected wine as well as bountiful the residents produce that is normally chosen when it comes to preparing great food served in first class restaurants and also available at eateries, markets and cellar doors. Explore the breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating local histories and Mediterranean climate and enjoy your overnight stay in the comfortable accommodation at historic hotels, hotels/motels, houseboats, resorts, and apartments. All this is situated close to the region’s life source—the expansive, unstoppable flowing Murray river.

The Mildura area is normally referred to as the Mediterranean in the outback, with its endless sunshine, citrus groves and vineyards, lush green golf courses, and sandy river beaches. This enticing area combines a cosmopolitan holiday destination’s best with the easy going personality of the bush. From the unique barbeque to luxury hotels, your stay in the Mildura area will be very comfortable, romantic and affordable.

Originally a rather lifeless village, the area around Mildura was transformed into a wealthy agricultural oasis. It is a popular tourist destination and a lively regional city in an area popularly known for its warm, stable weather. The town is characterized by broad, tree-lined streets and is packed by a large number of great wineries as well as fruit growing farms.
Mildura’s commercial centre stretches along the grand boulevard of Deakin Avenue with the monuments and gardens situated along its broad central strip. The popular natural attractions of Mildura is the Murray River which provides many activities such as fishing, swimming, paddle steamer cruising as well as famous activity of hiring a house boat and cruising the river for several days.

The rich history of this town can be uncovered by following the Chaffey Trail, which is self-guided historical tour. The Mildura Wharf offers a direct experience of the 19th century river travel. Mildura town also offers a perfect place for exploring other locations within the region.

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